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Ecohabitude offers a number of services to its seller community, including listing items for sale, support for online transactions, and advertising. Please read below for descriptions of the fees associated with these services.


Listing Fees

Sellers in the Ecohabitude community may list as many products free of charge.

There are no listing fees.

When you list an item, you can choose the quantity of inventory of each item. There is no limit to the inventory you can have for each listed product. For example, you may list one product with an inventory of 100 products and another as just a single item. .

Transaction Fees

When you sell an item on Ecohabitude, you will be charged a 4% transaction fee based on the item’s listed price. Transaction fees are assessed at checkout and are based on the item’s listed price, not including shipping or tax. All stores will be assessed the 4% fee.

All financial transactions initiated through the Ecohabitude marketplace, including buyer transactions and seller fees, are assessed using the online commerce platform Stripe. To learn more about Stripe’s terms of service click here. It is a requirement that all Ecohabitude sellers create a Stripe account when they open their Ecohabitude store. Stripe does charge a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 at checkout of payments from the vendor

When sale transactions are made through an Ecohabitude store, the seller will receive the funds within 7 days or sooner.

Advertising Fees

Ecohabitude is committed to helping its sellers succeed. We offer a number of opportunities to help sellers make their shops and products more visible to buyers through advertising.

Ecohabitude’s advertising placement and fees vary. If you are interested in advertising please contact us at We will work with you to understand your advertising goals, and clearly outline advertising fees before you commit to purchasing an ad. Ad fees will be added to your Ecohabitude bill.

In addition to advertising opportunities, the Ecohabitude team selects a few stores and brands to feature each month. If you would like to be considered for a featured store opportunity, please contact our team at

Shipping Fees

The inclusion and charging of shipping fees are the sole responsibility of Ecohabitude sellers and stores. You may create your shipping fee structure within your Ecohabitude storefront when you add the products to your storefront.

In your store policies, we recommend you specify how shipping will be handled on any returned products. We also recommend you specify how shipping fees will be assessed for multiple purchases.

Charging Sales Tax

It is each Ecohabitude seller’s responsibility to collect sales tax where appropriate. To make this easier for our seller community, Ecohabitude has partnered with TaxJar to help seller’s calculate and collect sales tax. To learn more about TaxJar’s terms of service, click here.

Fees on Refunded Sales

We encourage all sellers to outline a clear returns policy in their store policies. When a buyer requests a refund, it is the seller’s responsibility to approve or deny a refund to a buyer. If the seller decides to accept a return and issue a refund, it is also the seller’s responsibility to determine who pays shipping fees on returned items.

Once a seller authorizes a refund, the purchase will be refunded through the Stripe platform.

Ecohabitude reserves the right to refund a buyer if seller has not contacted the buyer within 7 business days after the buyer has inquired regarding a refund. Refund is applicable if order has not been processed, and seller fails to reply to a customer's inquiry.


All billing on Ecohabitude is handled through the payment platform, Stripe. To be eligible to sell merchandise on Ecohabitude you must create a Stripe account. To learn more about Stripe’s terms of service click here.

Your Stripe account will be used to process all buyers transactions and for autobilling of sellers fees, including transaction, listing, or advertising fees.


When you set up a store, you must also create or link your Stripe account and authorize a credit card for autobilling and payment. If the card you authorize for autobilling services through Stripe expires, is closed, or changed for any reason or if the charges are rejected, you must update your card information or supply a new card number.

If Ecohabitude charges are refused by the card issuer, you may be subject to penalties such as the suspension and/or termination of your Ecohabitude account. Suspended or terminated members remain obligated to pay Ecohabitude all unpaid fees.


Payment for buyer transactions will be made to this card through Stripe. To learn more about Stripe’s terms of service click here. When setting up your store you are required to enter credit card information into your Stripe account. If you prefer, you maybe also enter bank account information to have payment from purchases routed directly to your bank account via Stripe.


All Ecohabitude invoices and fees are expressed in US Dollars. If your store lists items in a currency other than USD, your sales revenue will be converted to USD before the fees are applied by the payment processing system.